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The Puppet Show

The Puppet Show

Poem by John Field Shunned by he peers, mother was a poet Who lived in a comic book town, A social mistake whose only companions Were... Continue



J.R. Brady The year we learned to roller skate, World War II ended. We thought one had nothing to do with the other. I went slowly... Continue

Remember When People Lied?

Lauren Ayers On this twenty-fifth anniversary of the introduction of the BSD, we look back to the earliest days of BCH (Before Compulsory... Continue



Poem by Jessica Lavine I took a rock from Dachau, while the ovens they were burning then I ran into the barracks where I heard the screaming... Continue


J.R. BRADY Poet man…lost and found in a city of angles…didn’t anyone ever tell you…to get to La Cienega and Sunset you need... Continue

Hestia- Goddess of Hearth and Home—known for her mild, gentle personality.

Fiction by Jean Wong The miso was perfect. Mr. Oda made a little “shhhh” sound with his teeth as he gave the cloudy broth a stir.... Continue


Poem by Lin Marie deVincent Oh! just, subtle and mighty chocolate! that to the hearts of poor and rich alike, for the desires that will... Continue

The Never-Was-There Guy

By Earl Blue I hide in the attic of this house and I don’t come down until everyone is gone. I do my thing in the house all day long,... Continue

Lifeguard Training

Poem by Judy Altura She watches her husband disappear. not in the freak disaster of a bolt of lightning or in the crush of metal versus... Continue

Smoke Over the City (Written to Odysseus)

Poem by Jessica Lavine AUTHOR’S NOTE:I was inspired by the publication of Ogygia, by Lisa Summers, in a recent edition of The Sonoma... Continue