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J.R. Brady The year we learned to roller skate, World War II ended. We thought one had nothing to do with the other. I went slowly... Continue

Remember When People Lied?

Lauren Ayers On this twenty-fifth anniversary of the introduction of the BSD, we look back to the earliest days of BCH (Before Compulsory... Continue



Poem by Jessica Lavine I took a rock from Dachau, while the ovens they were burning then I ran into the barracks where I heard the screaming... Continue


J.R. BRADY Poet man…lost and found in a city of angles…didn’t anyone ever tell you…to get to La Cienega and Sunset you need... Continue

Hestia- Goddess of Hearth and Home—known for her mild, gentle personality.

Fiction by Jean Wong The miso was perfect. Mr. Oda made a little “shhhh” sound with his teeth as he gave the cloudy broth a stir.... Continue


Poem by Lin Marie deVincent Oh! just, subtle and mighty chocolate! that to the hearts of poor and rich alike, for the desires that will... Continue

The Never-Was-There Guy

By Earl Blue I hide in the attic of this house and I don’t come down until everyone is gone. I do my thing in the house all day long,... Continue

Lifeguard Training

Poem by Judy Altura She watches her husband disappear. not in the freak disaster of a bolt of lightning or in the crush of metal versus... Continue

Smoke Over the City (Written to Odysseus)

Poem by Jessica Lavine AUTHOR’S NOTE:I was inspired by the publication of Ogygia, by Lisa Summers, in a recent edition of The Sonoma... Continue

Sonoma Mountain Cemetery

Sonoma Mountain Cemetery

C. A. Collier The children awaken me. They look strange, decorated with tattoos and small metal rings. Entering this place of final... Continue