Creative Arts - Deb Carlen, Editor

Photographs from Carol Santos

This week, the Creative Arts page features the photography of Bay Area native Carol Santos. Founder of SF Photo Safari, a guided photography tour including San Francisco and other Bay Area locations, Carol is also the author of two books ( See her exceptional photo galleries at, and 365, her album on Facebook, at Carol shoots in the United States, India, and Europe.

Midday at Zurich, Switzerland.

Most photographed houses in San Francisco, this picture was taken between 6:00 and 6:30 on a Sunday morning from Alamo Park. I was blessed with a beautiful sky.

At Magnolia Plantation in South Carolina, I was with a group of photographers and the theme for the day was flowers. “I can take pictures of flowers at home,” I thought. I went exploring and took a tram around the property, and found these two wood storks.

Monticello, the home that Thomas Jefferson designed for his family, is Charlottesville, Virginia. Author of the Declaration of Independence and third President of the United States, Jefferson is also known as a renaissance man of his era, with a vast range of talents and interests.

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